Bitdefender Manual / Offline update

First Download Signature Update from here

You can setting manual update under the Manual update settings.
Configure the Advanced options.

To prevent prompts asking for reboot, select Wait for reboot, instead of prompting.
Click Apply to save the settings.
Click Default to restore the default settings.

Occasional updates can be perfomed at any time, even when the product is set to update automaticaly:
Open BitDefender and click Update.

Click also Update at the top of the window if the Settings are displayed.
Click Update now to start the update process.

If the option Prompt before downloading updates was selected in the Settings, and when updates are available, a list of the updates available for download is displayed. Select the product to install and click Details to see the file download details. Select Switch to silent update (don't ask me again) to stop being prompted on manual update. Click OK to download and install the new files or Cancel to postpone the update.

Manually updating using weekly.exe

This method allows installing the latest Virus Definitions Update. To install the Product Updates upgrade to the latest version, or use Live! Update.

The update package weekly.exe is released every Friday and includes all the virus definitions and scan engines updates available up to the release date.
To update BitDefender using weekly.exe, follow these steps:

- Download this file (for 32bit operating systems) or this file (for 64bit operating systems) and save it locally on your harddisk.
- Double click the downloaded file to start the setup wizard.
- Click Next to begin the installation process.
- Check I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next.
- Press Install to begin installing.
- Press Finish to close the installation wizard.

To Download, click picture below.